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Freelancing Online Pays

Imagine making an extra $500 per week in addition to your current, or earning even more without doing anything other than sending a few emails each week. Sounds easier said than done right? And that is what I thought at first before I discovered the world’s largest outsourcing freelance marketplace in the world. Because of I have made around $50,000 in the past 3 years. And I would like to tell you how easy it has been as well as how to get started.

When I was still in college, I used my computer only for school, listening to music, looking up news and movie trailers not that I was a heavy gamer but I also played a few video games online. Aside from these reasons the computer was a media entertainment and encyclopedia but nothing more. The idea of making money on the Internet was a frequent dream for me. I knew it was possible but I feared the one’s that were making the real money online were not going to share the secret with anyone. I especially thought so after I made serious effort to study online business / affiliate marketing and having failed after buying into at least 5 different make money online scams -all of which of course never profited me a single dime.

One day while searching “photography editing” services for a school project I was working on, I discovered Immediately I knew that there was something unique there. It caught my attention that some 3million freelancers had already joined and were currently looking for work from me. It was like hitting the jackpot! “If I were a big tech business this would be the place for me,” was my immediate reaction. I experimented and quickly posted my first project. I paid less than $100 for it and it was really exiting. Very few times in our lives does a little light bulb turn on in our minds and I was not going to pass it up. I saw the potential to earn money by reselling and remarketing the work so readily available there. And because I already had a very wide range of technological education, I saw immediately that I could make money. I started to crunch numbers and calculated that within 3 months I was going to be earning no less than $500 per month. You should have seen my wife’s face when that first deposit via Paypal came through for $500 and it only got better as my profile improved.

Today my profile is leading exam award holder. I spent over $1,000 in exam fees collecting all the awards I could study for (more of a game for me like baseball card collecting) and I continue to collect the awards as a fan of Also I have over 200 positive 5 star reviews. You can see my profile here: it takes me very little effort to win projects and make money. In fact I found that I could win 2 – 3 projects a week even though I had no time to do them myself. So I created a team of coders and designers by posting my own projects with various tests to compare skills to my own. And selecting the top few I developed a small team to help me tackle 3 projects per week. Since then, I began making $1,000 in my free time per month. Honestly several times last year I made over $3,000 in one month.

What is my secret? I know what you are thinking, “well you are educated in technology” or “I can’t code websites!” And my answer to that is just learn the vocabulary you don’t need to actually do the work to be successful. You do need to know how to talk about it. A money making example is as easy as answering this question: If I asked you what program is essential to design a business website what would you answer? Do you know the answer? It’s ok if you don’t in fact I would guess that most would actually admit to not knowing the answer to that question. And that is why you can make money: knowledge. The knowledge that people do not have they are willing to pay you for. That is profit to you if you can sell that information. The answer to question above alone made me more than $30,000 in 2011 through What if I told you the answer to building a website was alone? Would that be a surprise? It is probably the most inexpensive way to build a full website design in under a week. Knowing that a website can be made for $200 - $500 from is huge profit potential especially because many companies and industries are willing to pay you $2,000 - $3,000 for their website or more.

Using basic business entrepreneurial strategies targeting USA companies you can offer a fresh new look for any business website. You don’t even have to get into the development aspect of HTML or PHP or any programming language. In fact a website design Mock up alone is worth $500 or more to any company. And that’s where comes in. You can buy a website “mock up” on for around $50 - $200. That is over a 100% return on your investment assuming you sell the same design for $500 to a local company. not only provides over 1 million people waiting to design and code your website but so much more. From Content writing, to Business Branding and Commercials, Animation, and 3d Modeling, provides skills from around the world with over 1,000 categories of services. So even if you would just like to make a few bucks doing data entry from the comfort of your own home is the easiest most profitable website online today.

What’s new is that tracking income just got easier now has a new financial dashboard that allows me to see just how much money I have made both on a graph and download the income into PDF or CSV. Notice above that it monitors the amount invested (blue) compared to the amount profited (green), This is what the financial dashboard looks like (screenshot) And as stated before in 2011 my earnings were in excess of $30,000 and these are real numbers here:

But on the other hand if you do want to make more than just $500 per week as I have, imagine creating an 3d figure design modeling for a video game which is currently in production for a sub-contracting company and having only paid $600 for it on and in turn sold it to the private party for $3,000! This scenario is totally realistic. You might argue that is difficult to find that kind of budget online, let alone finding someone you could hire for that price to actually do all of the work. Well I have news it is not difficult at all: provides both the projects and the employees! You can easily find the 3d job I described above as well as 3d designer to render the work all on the same website! At the time I was writing this I called my own bluff and found the following contracts





Although I know that these are not all $3,000 contracts it is only to illustrate that this is a snapshot of the projects available currently and that at anytime high dollar contracts are available for bidding on.

Ok now the harder part is finding someone to do the work for less than the budget right? Easy. With as little as $30 you can do so on Merely knowing a few vocabulary words like “3d animation. 3d rendering, Textures” you can easily post a project on right now specifying a simple test project for $30 to see some sample work to lets say model a cartoon character walking for example.

Of course many will already have samples and if you like what you see you pay the $30 for the contact information for the best one of the bidders. NOTE: Posting contact information prior to selection of a freelancer is against terms and conditions.

After you have paid the $30 and obtained the provider’s contact email, you have your own employee. Now go back into and bid on some 3d jobs! You can even show them your new employee’s 3d portfolio and website if they gave it to you when they bid (you can always ask to see their web based portfolios. You don’t need to be dishonest to gain credibility as a project manager; you can describe yourself as a Consultant, Business owner with employees or even a Team Leader for Freelancer project development. The buyer only wants one thing: A nice product to buy. Most buyers are not concerned if you can make a few dollars off of their budget they just need in the end for you to provide quality work, which you already know you can provide as you did your homework, and found a pro right?You can use the above strategy with very little experience in any field from photo editing, content writing, video editing, the list is endless you can see all of the categories has to offer you here:

If you want to get yourself into the game and need a more detailed approach from an expert (me) I offer you a complete step-by-step guide to! Sign up to purchase my eBook (in process) on and as soon as the PDF is finished I will email you a copy. It will give you a complete guide on how to use to make serious monthly income. This was not a paid advertisement or an article written by an employee of It is a real account of an ordinary normal guy exited to write about the impact has made on my life financially. It may not make you rich enough to retire, but you definitely can make money online and that enough gives new purpose to owning a computer. GO ahead and sign up for here!


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